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Department Head : Mr. Ronaldo M. Dela Cruz
Location               : Left Wing, Lower Ground Floor, New City Hall of Calamba
Office #               : (049) 545-6789 loc 8020/8021
Email Address      : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


     - Provide technical and staff services to the Local Chief Executive and other local officials in the formulation and implementation of housing and settlements program in the City of Calamba.


1. To develop a comprehensive, viable and sustainable urban development and housing programs, in cooperation with concerned local and national government agencies and the private sector;
2. To curb the proliferation of slum and blighted areas in the city thereby reducing urban dysfunction and to effectively prevent future encroachments on environmentally critical areas and squatting in government and private lands;
3. To continuously monitor the status of all informal settlers, regularly prepare a progress report and to provide information dissemination and training programs for the implementation of the city’s housing programs and encourage a more effective people’s participation in the urban development process;
4. To implement an effective short-term and long term mass housing programs for the City Government of Calamba;
5. To ensure not only the compliance of the private sector to the socialized housing requirements pursuant to the expressed provisions of law, but also encourage their participation in the process of urban development and in undertaking housing projects either in their own initiative or in partnership with the City Government;
6. To monitor and evaluate all the existing projects of the City Government relative to housing and settlement programs;
7. To facilitate the housing and land development financing with the different loan institutions and act as the project originator on behalf of the City Government of Calamba;
8. To facilitate the identification, selection, documentation and acquisition of all possible housing projects sites and right-of-ways;
9. To assist in the delivery of socio-economic needs of all housing project beneficiaries, in coordination with all concerned local and national government agencies and private sectors;
10. And, perform such other functions as maybe assigned to this from time to time.

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