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Department Head: Mr. Leonardo F. Opulencia Sr.
Location              : Right Wing, Lower Ground Floor, New City Hall of Calamba
Office #              : (049) 545-6789 loc 8018/8019
Email Address     : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


     - The City of Calamba Cooperatives and Livelihood Development Department is a local government which is in close partnership with other government agencies and community partners. The department aims to promote a culture of entrepreneurship among Calambeños and strengthen the cooperative movement in the city. Furthermore, it facilitates the organization and development of cooperatives through the provision of markets, training, facilities technology and funds. As such, the testament to these aspirations will be the provision of sustainable livelihood programs to a Calambeño entrepreneurs and cooperatives.


1. Provide technical assistance in terms of promotion, education and training of existing and newly organized cooperatives;
2. Initiate the organization of cooperatives in locations where there is none;
3. Provide livelihood and cooperative development and training to interested individuals and cooperatives;
4. Extend organizational training and livelihood to cooperatives and individuals;
5. Coordinate with other government agencies concerned in formulating plans and programs for the development of cooperatives and livelihood in the city;
6. Provides livelihood assistance to existing and newly-organized cooperatives;
7. Facilitate the application, processing and releasing of livelihood assistance to individuals and cooperatives;
8. Conduct field monitoring work in livelihood programs of existing and newly-organized cooperatives;
9. Evaluate the success of individual livelihood projects and recommends measures for program development.

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