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Department Head   : Dr. Sheila A. Matibag
Location                 : Right Wing, Lower Ground Flr., New City Hall of Calamba
Office #s                : (049) 545-6789 loc 8003/8004
Facebook Acct.       : City Veterinary Office of Calamba


     - For an effective delivery of the basic services being offered by the City Veterinary and Slaughterhouse Management Department to clients from the City of Calamba, financial and moral support will be needed for the accomplishments of its planned activities.
     - Researches, trainings and seminars of the technical personnel of the City Veterinary and Slaughterhouse Management Department are imperative and crucial in the advancement of knowledge. Seminars/Trainings and workshop of clienteles who are the main beneficiaries of the departments present activities are also inevitable to promote self-reliance and self-sufficiency to the people of Calamba City.


1. To effectively deliver the basic services extended by the City Veterinary and Slaughterhouse Management Department to its constituents, livestock farmers and pet owners in particular;
2. To improve the economic condition of livestock farmers and its families to a sustainable level;
3. To ensure public health safety of animal meat consumers and its by-products;
4. To effectively transfer new/Improved technologies that is beneficial to the livestock farmers;
5. To accelerate the production of quality animals for breeding, draft and commercial purposes;
6. And to prevent and control the occurrence of the present and emerging diseases in the city.


Animal Health Section
Preventive Animal Health Management
- Immunizes large animals/ruminants against Hemorrhagic Septicemia  & hogs against Hog Cholera;
- Conduct Anti-rabies vaccination on companion animals in various barangays; 
- Conduct Anti-rabies vaccination on companion animals for walk-in clients; 
- Conduct random avian blood sampling; 
- Cares and maintains for animals’ health and population; 
- Monitors livestock animal and disease surveillance.
- Provides field treatment to large and small animals; 
- Implement deworming medication to large and small animals.
Animal Population Control
- Neutering of male dogs and cats 
- Spaying of female dogs and cats
Laboratory & Diagnostic Service
- Fecalysis 
- Skin Scraping 
- WBC Count 
- Necropsy Procedure
Regulatory Section
Information Education Campaign
- Conducts information education campaign on Rabies & other animal diseases 
- Conducts information education campaign on responsible pet ownership 
- Conduct Animal Population Survey
Public Health Monitoring
- Dog Bite Investigation/Animal Surveillance 
- Livestock population survey
- Issuance of Shipping Permit 
- Animal Registration 
- Accreditation of Livestock, Poultry and By-product Handler’s License Application 
- Registration & Accreditation of Transport Carrier
Monitoring of Animal Dispersal and Animal Loan Program
- Impounding Services 
- Registration of pet dogs and cats 
- Impounding of unwanted stray pet 
- Pick-up of surrendered unwanted pets 
- Adoption of impounded pets 
- Donation of impounded pets 
- Euthanizes unredeemed impounded dogs and cats
Slaughterhouse Management Division
Meat Inspection
- Perform various phases of meat inspection procedures on meat stalls & slaughterhouses to ensure the safety of meat and meat products being sold to the public;
- Recommend to the City Veterinarian appropriate measures concerning meat inspection work to prevent spread of zoonotic diseases in the city;
- Act as team leader during raids of illegal slaughtering, confiscation of “Hot meat”  and other related activities;
- Inspect, check and verify supporting papers of meat being brought into the markets and/or being offered for sale.
- Manage In Receiving & Releasing Of Food Animals For Slaughter
- Receives all incoming food animals for temporary shelter
- Maintain record of all food animals for temporary shelter and for slaughter
- Maintain cleanliness inside the temporary shelter
- Monitor the physical condition of all food animals inside the shelter
Disinfection Service
- Perform disinfection of animal carrier
Slaughter Operation Service
- Conducts hygienic slaughter activity of all food animals
Dispatching Service
- Monitor & supervise registered private butchers & helpers in dispatching the carcasses for trading
- Monitor the correct number of food animals released to the clients
- Supervise & monitor the hygienic transfer of carcass
- Preparation and Issuance of Certificate of Transfer of Large Animal
- Preparation and Issuance of Certificate of Ownership of Large Animal
Support Service
- Supervise and assist the licensing of butchers and meat handlers; 
- Formulate orientation and training designs for butchers and meat handlers in terms of hygiene, sanitation and proper handling of meat and meat products on market and slaughterhouses.

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