Political History

The year 1770 marked the creation of the town of Calamba. Going back a little farther, it was believed that the first group of settlers stayed in Barangay Sucol, about six kilometers from the city proper. With the coming of Spaniards, the whole land was converted into a hacienda. In 1813, Calamba was placed in the hands of “encargados” by the Dominican Brothers.

During the American regime, the haciendas were divided into portions and sold by the Dominican Brothers to the natives in an installment basis. At the time of the Japanese regime, Calamba, already a thriving community underwent a transition of various political leaders. Images below itemizes the name of leaders and their equivalent years of service.

From 1919 to 1941, three well known political leaders have ran the affairs of Calamba. Roman Lazaro served as municipal president for three terms (1919-1922, 1931-1934, 1938-1941), Felipe Belarmino served for three consecutive terms (1923-1925, 1926-1928, 1929-1931) and again in 1943, Don Eduardo A. Barretto from 1935-1937. Among the three, Roman Lazaro had the privilege of having served under four (4) different forms of government: the Civil Government ran by the Americans, the Philippine Commonwealth, the Japanese and the now Republic of the Philippines. Some of his well-remembered accomplishments were the establishment of municipal cemetery located in Barangay Lecheria, the construction of the old municipal building now converted into the City College of Calamba and the erection of the historical Banga in the town plaza.

While Roman Lazaro witnessed 4 government transitions, Taciano Rizal and Mayor Severino J. Lajara served the longest term as mayor, although the latter served uninterruptedly for 10 years. It was during Mayor Lajara’s term when Municipality of Calamba was converted into a component city in 2001.

Political Leaders of Calamba (1901 - Present)

Mateo Elejorde


  • Mateo Elejorde
Isidro Cailles


  • Isidro Cailles
Ramon Santos


  •  Ramon Santos
Rafael Pabalan


  • Rafael Pabalan
Roman D. Lazaro

1919-1922 / 1931-1934
1937-1941 / 1945-1946

  • Roman D. Lazaro
Felipe Belarmino


  •  Felipe Belarmino
Eduardo Barreto


  •  Eduardo Barreto
Enrique Shinyo


  •  Enrique Shinyo
Artemio Elepaño


  • Artemio Elepaño
Exequiel Geneciran


  • Exequiel Geneciran
Severino Q. Arambulo

946-1947 / 1956-1959

  • Severino Q. Arambulo
Sisenando V. Rizal, Sr.

1948-1951 / 1952-1954

  • Sisenando V. Rizal, Sr.
Pantaleon Alihan


  • Pantaleon Alihan
Taciano V. Rizal

1960-1963 / 1964 1967

  • Taciano V. Rizal
Eduardo T. Yu, Jr.


  •  Eduardo T. Yu, Jr.
Salvador E. Delmo


  • Salvador E. Delmo
Apolonio A. Elazegui


  • Apolonio A. Elazegui
Victoriano Chipeco


  •  Victoriano Chipeco
Jesus Miguel Yulo


  •  Jesus Miguel Yulo
Severino J. Lajara


  •  Severino J. Lajara
Joaquin M. Chipeco, Jr.


  •  Joaquin M. chipeco, Jr.
Justin Marc SB. Chipeco


  •   Justin Marc SB. Chipeco
Roseller H. Rizal


  • Roseller H. Rizal